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Established. Skilled. Committed. Genuine. Long term customer relationships are the cornerstone of our success.
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About Mid-Continent

Privately owned and established in 1949, Mid-Continent has been a supplier to first tier OEMs within the medical, aerospace and defense industries for decades. You will see from reviewing this site, we are a heavily automated, technically advanced, vertically integrated supplier.

Why is this important to you? Because it means our capabilities are similar to many of our larger competitors, but we operate within the envelope of a competent, lean and mean small business.

You get integrated capabilities without the overhead.

We pride ourselves on establishing long term relationships with our customers in order to better understand your needs and become an integral part of your business - participating in all stages of your product’s life cycle. From concept design-assist, through production and into next generation product development, we will ensure the success of your program.

Whether you are a director, engineer, program manager or buyer you can rest assured that your product will be delivered on time, to print and competitively by Mid-Continent.

This is our commitment to trust.

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